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Some musicians need guidance to pursue their career but aren't yet ready for Management. At Innovo, our team sits down with the client and helps plan their next week, month, year, etc. We look at what the artist needs and where they currently are, and we custom tailor a plan for them. Whether you need help planning an album release, tips on how to book your tour, or just want us to review where you are and where you need to be, then schedule a consultation today! We charge only $75 an hour, and are more than willing to discount for booking multiple hours. We also now offer monthly retainer services for any Musicians in need of more than a couple hours.


Album Repeals
Tour Booking Advice
Create Roadmap
Discounts for Multiple Hours
Monthly Retainer Services
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At Innovo, we are constantly searching for new ways to put Musicians First. We have decades of collective experience servicing artists and innovating in the music industry.

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