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Below are the current job openings at Innovo Management. Read the brief description and click the link to get more information and find out how to apply. At Innovo, we pride ourselves on creating a fun workplace where we disrupt corporate workflow daily. We’d love to hear more about you!

Account Manager

Establish and retain effective relationships with our Project Management clients. The Account Manager’s role is to act as the liaison between our team, our partners, and our artist clientele. This position will be responsible for providing updates to each affiliated party and ensure that expectations are clearly outlined and met.

Expires: January, 7th

digital marketing assistant

Work with our clients in developing growth and strategy for their music and brand. This position will be responsible for pitching clients upcoming and recent releases to our playlister networks, researching and building new relationships, and working alongside the Account Manager to make waves for our clients via digital marketing.

Expires: January, 7th


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