About Us

We provide services that help people-reach-people.

Whether you’re a musician looking to gain eyes and ears on your music, or you’re a brand trying to spread awareness of a new product or service, Innovo specializes in an impact-over-vanity approach. People reaching people is our response to an over utilized “consumer” mentality. People don’t want to be sold while using platforms to escape life. We’re experts at custom tailoring our approach to meet potential customers where they are in life, not where we want them to be. With our focus on partnerships instead of transactions, all parties win.

Now let’s find your people.

"Innovo was created to provide a home for Musicians to focus on their art. We began with the sole mission of fostering an environment that’s safe for artists, innovative in the landscape, and driven by a passion for the core of this industry; the music. Now, we're applying those same principles to Influencers & Brands!"

- Sam Saideman

Sam Saideman

Co-Founder & CEO

The Team

Ian Rodriguez


Matt Smith

Brand Partnerships Manager

Mackenzie Christian

Influencer Coordinator

Geoffrey Paz

Project Manager, Label Services

The Roster

Mariam Marks

Art-Based Influencer

Naomi Arbide

Beauty & Lifestyle Influencer

danny G

Recording Artist & Influencer

Marley Arnold

Dance & Fashion Influencer


Recording Artist & Songwriter

Yulisa Torres

Beauty Influencer


Beauty & Food Influencer

Blake Thompson

Sports & Trick Shot Influencer

Justina Renee

Beauty Influencer

Manny Rosario

Fashion & Lifestyle Influencer


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