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"Innovo was created to provide a home for Musicians to focus on their art. We exist for the sole purpose of fostering an environment that’s safe for artists, innovative in the landscape, and driven by a passion for the core of this industry; the music."

Sam Saideman

Music lovers on a mission to unlock the potential of unrecognized artists with an innovative, client-centric approach.

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artist management

Due to the other divisions of Innovo, clients on our management roster receive access to services most other management companies don’t have at their disposal.

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project management

We assist clients with budgeting, streaming promotions, social media strategy, content creation, release shows, and more. Services come in various shapes and sizes, all to help musicians navigate the digital streaming landscape.

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For Musicians who aren’t ready for a more involved campaign. We will help develop a customized plan, connect dots, or assist in any other way the artist requires on an hourly one-on-one basis.

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At Innovo, we are constantly searching for new ways to put Musicians First. We have decades of collective experience servicing artists and innovating in the music industry.

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