Label Services

Our Label Services Division provides personalized assistance in areas such as artist development, project management, marketing, and promotion. We partner with artists and their teams to help them maximize their potential and achieve their goals.

Our services include but are not limited to:

- Pre & post-release strategy

- Social media content strategy

- DSP best practices

- Spotify Studio ads

- Spotify Marquee ads

- Spotify playlist pitching

- TikTok growth strategy

- TikTok ads (reach & click)

- TikTok consulting

- TikTok content calendars

- TikTok influencer campaigns

- TikTok custom filter creations

- Short-form content creation (ideate, direct, film, & edit)

- YouTube ads

- YouTube playlisting

& everything in between!

Our goal is to assist musicians with as much or as little help as they need to roll their music out successfully. Whether we are just a piece of the puzzle or the entire puzzle, the Innovo team works to ensure that all artists exceed their goals and create a release that everyone is happy with.

Our team offers a range of a la carte services to meet your specific needs, but we prefer to work with clients on a more comprehensive basis. If you provide us with your budget range and goals, we can create a custom proposal and work with you to refine it as needed. Our focus is on creating impact rather than simply boosting vanity metrics. By partnering with us on a full project, we can help you achieve your desired outcomes and make a real impact in your career as a musician.

Some of the Artists and Businesses we've worked with.

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