Our Influencer division was built on the realization that brands were spending FAR too much money on ideating, sourcing and activating creators. Coming from the influencer management world, we have the unique relationship base to launch campaigns for significantly cheaper than others in the space.

Branded content is always posted on time and accurately with Innovo. And the content costs less - influencers work with us at discounted rates due to the volume of campaigns we bring them. From creative briefs to custom sounds, we tailor campaigns to a brand’s individual needs. Pricing varies, but success doesn’t.

Our Services:

1) End-to-End Influencer Marketing Campaigns
2) Creator Sourcing
3) Brief Creation & Ideation
4) Custom Sound Creations
5) In-Person Activations
6) In-Depth Reporting (TikTok Agency Partner)
7) In-House Advertising

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Some of the brands we've worked with.

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