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NordVPN Case Study

NordVPN partnered with over 3,000 YouTube Influencers including the platform’s biggest names (Mr. Beast, PewDiePie, etc). On TikTok, however, the influencer and audience relationship was not yielding the same results. Partnerships often resulted in low views, and even lower click through.

Enter Innovo.

NordVPN and Innovo launched their first collaboration in July of 2022. NordVPN was looking to work with 5 travel channels across TikTok - hoping to increase views.


Innovo sourced 10 influencers that fit NordVPN’s criteria. All influencers were contacted and confirmed to be interested in working on the campaign at the given rate.

NordVPN and Innovo worked together to narrow down this list to 5 channels that would yield the best results. All of sourced influencers exceeded NordVPN’s desired follower count and engagement rate. Additionally, influencers were confirmed within the brand’s timeline to ensure there were no issues with timely and accurate posting.


Since NordVPN had primarily worked with influencers on YouTube, their standard influencer brief was aimed towards YouTube. Innovo created a brief specific to TikTok and NordVPN for guide influencers while creating content.

This creative brief also featured all of NordVPN’s content guidelines. The prior creative brief for NordVPN was hosted on a live webpage. Innovo was able to consolidate this information to a one page document that was easy for influencers to follow.  


After sourcing influencers and creating the brief, Innovo orchestrated the entire campaign, including all influencer communication. All drafts were approved by NordVPN and feedback was incorporated into updated versions within 2 business days. All captions were approved by NordVPN. All posts were live two weeks before the campaign’s deadline. In addition, links were verified influencer bios and monitored by Innovo to ensure the links remained in bios for all 7 days.

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